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Find links to books, journals, websites, and databases to help you find company and industry information.

Getting Started

This guide contains links, books, journals, and websites to help you find information about the grocery industry and online shopping.  It also includes information about corporate social responsibility, diversity, and ethics.

Use the First Research link to find helpful industry reports.  (You have to log in using your Alverno e-mail address.)

To expand your search, use the Business Source Premier database.  You can search it to find scholarly articles about the grocery industry and online shopping, strategy, competition, trends, and social responsibility.  To get started, try some of these topics:

  • Lay ministry
  • Church management
  • Recruiting
  • Growth
  • Mission
  • Volunteers

If you would like assistance finding scholarly information for your case study or team project, contact Becky Alford: or 414 382-6355

Recommended Websites

Recommended Resources

You can also search the library catalog for books about the Catholic Church and lay ministry.


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Recommended Books and Journals


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