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Alverno Then & Now

From Alverno Auditorium to Robert Pitman Theatre

The Alverno Auditorium was part of the original campus construction and opened its doors in September 1953.

Alverno Auditorium circa 1953




Robert Pitman

















Robert G. Pitman was a formidable presence on the Alverno Campus from 1963 to 1978.
Educated and trained in Journalism, Latin, Philosophy, English and Theater Arts, Pitman
was an accomplished actor, writer, director and lecturer. As director of Theatre Alverno, he
taught students, produced, directed, and occasionally acted in thirty three plays on the
Alverno stage. Pitman was named Academic Dean in 1974 and served in that capacity,
as well as continuing to teach and direct until his death in 1978. Following his death,
the Alverno Auditorium was formally re-dedicated the Robert G. Pitman Theatre in
December 1978 during a gala retrospective of Pitman’s career and productions
at Alverno College.

Alverno Today article about the 1978 theatre dedication


Here is a photo of the Robert Pitman Theatre building taken in fall 2018.

Pitman Theatre in Fall 2018