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Best Websites: Asian Studies


Chinese Language Links:

Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
Complete elementary (3 levels), intermediate, and advanced lessons with pinyin English, simplified and traditional characters, dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, patterns, and audio clips.
40 online elementary language lessons in pinyin and simplified characters; dialogues, vocabulary, grammer, exercises, audio, dictionary, and phrase book.

Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language - University of Oxford
Click "Learning Elementary Chinese" for links to vocabulary, grammar, characters, pinyin, audio, glossary, and dictionary.

Annotated links to over 600 China and Chinese language related websites; click "Chinese Language Teaching and Learning Resources."

Practical Chinese Reader: Learning Aids Online
Links to online learning aids for Practical Chinese Reader, including audio and video clips, vocabulary, characters, grammar, exercises, homework, self-tests, and games.

MDBG Online Chinese-English Dictionary
Excellent online Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionary for words, phrases, and sentences.

The Chinese Outpost
Comprehensive intro to writing, pronunciation, and grammar; dictionary.

Learning Chinese Language
Pinyin pronunciation audio.

Updated 7/25/17