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Best Websites: Asian Studies

Hong Kong Women's Organizations

Against Child Abuse
A non-governmental organization that provides programs for abused or neglected children or parents who abuse or neglect their children. The website provides annual reports, newsletters, and publications/audio visual materials.

American Women's Association (AWA) of Hong Kong
A voluntary organization of international women that provides community service and monetary grants to support Hong Kong schools. In addition, they provide educational and social activities for its members. The website includes a photo gallery and a calendar of the organization’s events.

Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)
The Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission is responsible for implementing the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, the Disability Discrimination Ordinance and the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance in Hong Kong. The site features categories for the latest news on Hong Kong discrimination legal cases and research reports on Honk Kong discrimination issues.

Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
This site provides information, education and services for individuals, families and the community related to sexual and reproductive health. Their services include sexual and reproductive health services, sexuality education and training programs, women’s clubs and youth volunteer opportunities. The site also features a wealth of statistical information about the association, including annual reports, in the Information and Archives section of the site’s main page.

Gender Research Centre
Maintained by the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, the website includes information on research, conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures, publications, training, consultancy, community liaison and advocacy. The site provides citations to the group’s research and publications, but full text editions are fee-based.

Harmony House
This site advocates for the protection of women and children from domestic violence and provides education to the community at large. The group’s publications and resources are only available in Chinese.

Her Fund
This site promotes the rights of women and girls in Hong Kong through fund raising and grant making. The site includes the group’s newsletters, annual reports, studies and press releases.

Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women
This group’s website promotes the interests of business and professional women through a variety of business functions and professional development activities. Each year, this organization picks a community project to fund. The site also makes available presentations and speeches of its members in both Power Point and Word formats.

Hong Kong Association of University Women
This site is an organization for women university graduates of colleges and universities in the Hong Kong area. It is affiliated with the International Federation of University Women and offers numerous scholarships.

Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council
This site promotes marriage and parenthood within a Catholic context. It offers marriage counseling and mediation and other natural family planning services. The site also makes available the group’s annual reports.

Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)
The website includes information on family services and support options for women and children in the Hong Kong area.

Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers
Web site focusing on legal issues relating to family and children in the Hong Kong area. The group is also allied with the International Federation of Women Lawyers.

Hong Kong Midwives Association
This website features information in English and Chinese. The English sections cover the history of Hong Kong midwifery, news and events, education activities and international links.

Hong Kong Women Christian Council
Site of the Hong Kong Women Christian Council (HKWCC), established in 1988. Contains links to other women’s rights group in Hong Kong and Asia. Information both in English and Chinese.

Hong Kong Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Association
This group was established as a non-profit organization in September 1996 by a group of Hong Kong women professionals and entrepreneurs. The site features position papers by group members on various local social and political issues in PDF format. The group’s newsletters are also available to download in PDF format.

Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
This website offers information on the Hong Kong YWCA’s history and mission, as well as a listing of the group’s activities.

Po Leung Kuk
Web site of a Hong Kong organization concerned with protecting the rights of women and children. The site discusses the group’s social, educational and recreational service offerings.

Women in Publishing Society Hong Kong
Site for a multi disciplinary group of publishing professionals. The site offers information about the group’s monthly activities and the sale of its group’s yearly print publication, Imprint.

Women's Commission
The web site of an organization that advises the Hong Kong government on policy direction concerning women’s issues. The site has two areas called “Documentation” and “Research” where users can get more information about the commission’s publications. It also has links to other organizations reporting on women’s issues.

The Women's Foundation
Web site of a Hong Kong non-governmental organization promoting the full participation of women and girls in all aspects of Hong Kong society. Includes research reports in English and Chinese, information on grants and links to other Hong Kong charitable organizations.

Women's Studies Research Centre
Web site of a research center focusing on analyzing women’s experience in different cultures and affiliated with the University of Hong Kong. Contains a calendar of the center’s seminars, conferences and workshops.

Updated 7/25/17