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Finding Business Books: Recommended Books and Booklists

This guide contains helpful catalog links and search tutorials to help you find business books.


If you are trying to decide on a business research topic or want to see what is available on a broad topic of interest, you can browse these recommended books and lists to get ideas.

If you find a book you want and can't find a copy in the Alverno library or are unsure how to get a copy, you can contact a librarian.

Browse Ebooks

If you are looking for topic ideas or want to browse ebooks, try the link below.  It lists all the library's ebooks on business and management topics.  You can use the search box at the top to refine the list.  To get started try some of these keywords:

business planning
social responsibility

To get details about a book, click its title.  Then, to read the book, click the purple Read Online button on the left below the book image.

Other Business Book Links

Use the links below to get lists, summaries, and reviews of new books on many business topics.  You can search TOPCAT by title or author to find books of interest.  If you don't find the book in TOPCAT, you can request it for free using interlibrary loan.

Browse Business Books

You can digitally browse the library's business books.  Below is a short list of business books on various topics.  Click on the blue topic links below book covers to see more items on the topic that are available in the Alverno Library for checkout.

To browse further, click the small Browse Shelf link next to the book's call number. 

You can then scroll through to see which books are found on the shelf next to the one you are viewing.