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MGT 221: MGT 221

Find links to databases, catalogs, and websites to help you find information about corporate culture.

Getting Started

This guide provides resources for finding information on a company's corporate or organizational culture.

To find articles about organizational leadership and values, you need to try lots of different combinations of keywords.  Try some of the topics below to get started.

  • organizational growth
  • employee empowerment
  • job satisfaction
  • leadership
  • motivation
  • work environment
  • values
  • employee training

If you would like assistance finding information, you can contact a librarian.  See the Just Ask! box below for details.

Recommended Websites

Recommended Resources

Recommended Books and Journals

If you are having trouble finding books or articles on organizational culture, you can try some of these.

Print books are available in the library for checkout.

To view eBooks, click the purple Read Online button below the book cover display (after you have clicked a title from the list).

You can browse this list of scholarly journals to more easily find articles on various topics in organizational culture.  These include leadership, employee training, ethics, technology, and business planning.

You can read articles in two ways:  Click the date links to the right to view all the articles in an issue for that year.

Or, find the blue Search within this publication link on the left.  Then add the word AND and desired keywords (such as decision making, communication, motivation, failure, teams, or social media).

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