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Nursing LibGuide: Nursing Theory

Resources for nursing students

Getting Started with Books


Use the tabs to find books and ebooks from the Alverno library collection. Search TOPCAT or Ebook Central for additional titles.

Books and ebooks are excellent at providing information on nursing theories and theorists. They typically provide background information and may include chapters devoted to specific theories. Books and e-books may also have extensive bibliographies with citations to a theorist's early works. Early works are helpful for understanding the origins of a theory.

When looking for books on a specific nursing theory or theorist, begin your search using the name of the theory or theorist.

Or, search more broadly to find books with chapters devoted to different nursing theories. Recommended search terms include: nurse theorists, nursing theory, middle range theory.

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Finding Journal Articles

CINAHL and ProQuest Nursing are good databases for finding scholarly articles written by a nursing theorist or articles about their theories. Both databases are available in Databases by Subject for Nursing.


  • Try a basic "keyword" search using the name of the theory or theorist.
  • If basic searching doesn't provide enough information, CINAHL and ProQuest Nursing have advanced search features that allow you to search by an author's name. This is useful for finding articles (and early works) written by a nurse theorist.


Looking for websites with information on nursing theories and theorist? These sites provide some good background information.

Nursing Theories: A Companion to Nursing Theories and Models

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