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Best Websites: Asian Studies

Anthropology & Sociology


Other Chinese Sites
Excellent sites that cover various aspects of Chinese History.

World History Archives
History of Asia as a whole and links to region-specific information.

Philosophy & Religion

Asian Reflection
A source of insights into Asian religion and spirituality and its impact on our world. This resource advances understanding of the message intrinsic to Asian religions. Contains images and mystical passages.

Buddhist Digital Library and Museum
To assist anyone studying Buddhism by putting in touch experts and scholars at and outside the university for promoting in-depth inquiry into the specific properties, historical development, values, and modern interpretations of Buddhism.

Chinese Philosophical ETEXT Archive
Electronic versions of Chinese philosophical texts. Information on and links to more information on the preparation of texts.


Asia Maps
University of Texas. Large collection of printable maps; political, reference and major ethnic maps in a variety of formats.

Culture in Asia and the Pacific
UNESCO. Supporting information for cultural enterprise, resources, properties, communities and cultural rights.

Updated 4/6/20