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Best Websites: Health Care

Quality websites on nursing and health care topics

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Evidence Based Practice

AHRQ ePSS Electronic Preventive Services Selector
The ePSS is an application designed to help primary care clinicians identify clinical preventive services that are appropriate for their patients. Use the tool to search and browse U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations on the web or on your PDA or mobile device.

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)
Provided through the University of York (United Kingdom), the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination specializes in evidence synthesis and assembling and analyzing data from multiple research studies to generate policy relevant research. The Centre undertakes systematic reviews and associated economic evaluations, develops underpinning methods, and promotes and facilitates the use of research evidence in decision-making.

Evidence-Based Practice Centers (EPC)
Created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), this database provides evidence reports on a wide spectrum of clinical and health services topics. Also included are technical reports on methodological topics and other types of evidence synthesis-related reports.

Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine Tutorial (Duke University Medical Center Library)
Provided by Duke University, this self-paced tutorial offers a basic introduction to the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine.

Joanna Briggs Institute
The Institute collaborates internationally with over 70 entities across the world to promote and support the synthesis, transfer, and utilization of evidence by identifying feasible, appropriate, meaningful, and effective healthcare practices that assist in the improvement of healthcare outcomes globally.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
From the United Kingdom, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides evidence-based guidance for health, public health, and social care practitioners.

Oncology Nursing Society - Putting Evidence into Practice (PEP)
A large portion of this site is devoted to the Oncology Nursing Society’s Putting Evidence into Practice (PEP) resources. These can be used to plan individual patient care, patient education, nursing education, quality improvement, and research.

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute is a nongovernmental organization focused on investigating the relative effectiveness of various medical treatments. This site provides access to information on funding opportunities, current research projects, and a collection of literature relevant to the PCORI mission.

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research (United Kingdom), PROSPERO is an international database of prospectively registered systematic reviews in health and social care, welfare, public health, education, crime, justice, and international development, where there is a health related outcome. Key features from the review protocol are recorded and maintained as a permanent record. PROSPERO aims to provide a comprehensive listing of systematic reviews registered at inception to help avoid duplication and reduce opportunity for reporting bias by enabling comparison of completed reviews with what was planned in the protocol.

PubMed Clinical Queries
Clinical Queries allows users to limit PubMed searches according to specific clinical research areas. The "Clinical Study Categories" option provides access to citations that correspond to specific types of clinical research scenarios. The "Systematic Reviews"  option provides access to citations from articles that are used in the practice of Evidence Based Medicine. Note: Alverno students should use the library's database portal to access PubMed and the Alverno library's repository of full text articles.

The Systematic Review Data Repository (SRDR)
The Systematic Review Data Repository is a tool for the extraction and management of data for systematic reviews or meta-analysis. It is also an open and searchable archive of systematic reviews and their data. To contribute data or comment on deposited projects, users can register for an account.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is an independent, volunteer panel of national experts in prevention and evidence-based medicine. The Task Force works to improve health by making and providing access to evidence-based recommendations about clinical preventive services such as screenings, counseling services, and preventive medications.


Healthcare Improvement

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
This federal agency conducts and sponsors research on healthcare quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness. It provides access to numerous reports including the National Healthcare Quality & Disparities Reports.

Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI)
Based in Minnesota, ICSI is an independent, nonprofit health care improvement organization that works in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders to identify and accelerate the implementation of best clinical practices in order to improve care and reduce costs for patients, families, and communities.

Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI)
The NRHI is a national organization representing more than 30 member regional health improvement collaboratives and state/regional affiliated partners. These multi-stakeholder organizations work to improve the patient experience of care, including quality and satisfaction, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per-capita cost of healthcare.


Price Calculators - Procedures

Healthcare Bluebook
Based on data collected from patients, insurers, and companies. This site calculates a "fair price" for various medical procedures in different geographic locations.

This site allows users to find competitive price offers from health care providers for medical procedures.



ABC for Health
This Wisconsin based nonprofit public interest law firm links children and families, particularly those with special needs, to health care benefits and services. ABC for Health works to develop and promote a nationally recognized, integrated model of health benefits counseling, legal services, and policy advocacy that promotes access to health care coverage and services for all people.

AcademyHealth is a national organization that promotes interaction across the health research and policy arenas. Its site provides access to publications and reports pertaining to current health care issues.

American Academy of Nursing Expert Panels

The Expert Panels advance evidence-based innovations in health care delivery to address the health needs of populations, including diverse, at-risk, and disenfranchised populations. These may take the form of policy proposals, testimony, manuscripts, policy briefs, recommendations, advocacy papers, position statements, and research agendas.

National Academy of Medicine
Established in 1970 under the name Institute of Medicine (IOM), the National Academy of Medicine is an independent organization of eminent professionals from diverse fields including health and medicine. Through its domestic and global initiatives, the Academy works to address critical issues in health, medicine, and related policy and inspire positive action across sectors.

Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellows Program
This non-partisan fellowship offers exclusive, hands-on policy experience in the nation’s capital. Working hand-in-hand with key players in federal health policy, fellows have participated in the policy process at the federal level and used that leadership experience to improve health, health care, and health policy. Please visit the site for application information.


Price Calculators - Prescription Drugs

Use this site to compare prescription drug prices and find coupons for pharmacies throughout the United States. For patients on Medicare, ths site will also calculate the co-payment in advance.
Founded by a physician, this site connects patients to overseas mail-order pharmacies and vets for quality. This resource can be used by patients who want to import medicines as a way to reduce drug costs.


Reporting Guidelines

AGREE Reporting Checklist
The AGREE Reporting Checklist is intended to assist practice guideline developers to improve the completeness and transparency of reporting in practice guidelines. The checklist can also provide guidance to peer reviewers, journal editors, and guideline users about the essential components of a high quality practice guideline.

AMSTAR's (A Measurement Tool to Assess Systematic Reviews) goal is to create a valid, reliable, and useable instrument that will help users differentiate between systematic reviews, focusing on methodological quality and expert consensus. It can be used to develop and evaluate reviews, serves as a guide to conduct reviews, and can be used as an aid to teach about systematic reviews.

CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) encompasses various initiatives developed by the CONSORT Group to alleviate the problems arising from inadequate reporting of randomized controlled trials.

The EQUATOR Network (Enhancing the Quality and Transparency of Health Research) is a useful resource that provides information on reporting guidelines and tips for good reporting in health studies. It includes access to CONSORT guidelines, PRISMA guidelines, and others.

PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) is an evidence-based minimum set of items for reporting in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. PRISMA focuses on the reporting of reviews evaluating randomized trials, but can also be used as a basis for reporting systematic reviews of other types of research, particularly evaluations of interventions.

SQUIRE (Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence) guidelines provide a framework for reporting new knowledge about how to improve healthcare. They are intended for reports that describe system level work to improve the quality, safety, and value of healthcare.


State Performance Data

Provided by the Wisconsin Hospital Association, this site provides ratings by condition and measures by condition that can be used to assess overall quality for hospitals in the state of Wisconsin.

State Health Facts
State Health Facts is a project of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and provides free and up-to-date health data for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the United States, counties, territories, and other geographies. State Health Facts is comprised of more than 800 health indicators and provides users with the ability to map, rank, trend, and download data.

Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ)
Provided by the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ), this site provide access to performance measurement information with a goal of improving the quality and affordability of healthcare in Wisconsin.


Tools for Determining the Necessity of a Test or Procedure

Choosing Wisely
Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation in partnership with Consumer Reports that promotes patient-physician conversations about unnecessary medical tests and procedures. Use the search tool to find information on procedures, tests, and treatments.

U. S. Preventive Services Task Force
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is an independent panel of experts in primary care and prevention who systematically review the evidence of effectiveness and develop recommendations for clinical preventive services. The search tool allows users to filter recommendations according to age, gender, type, or category.

Vetting Hospitals

Hospital Compare
This consumer oriented website provides information on how well hospitals care for their adult patients. It includes patient survey results that rate the quality of care received during recent hospital stays.

The Leapfrog Group

The Leapfrog Group is a nonprofit watchdog organization that rates hospitals on a wide variety of quality issues. Leapfrog is an advocate of hospital transparency - collecting, analyzing, and disseminating hospital data to inform value-based purchasing.

New York Times Hospital Pricing Calculator
Using data from hospital bills released by Medicare, the New York Times created this "look up" tool that allows patients to vet pricing for various medical procedures at hospitals in an area. Alverno students can "Grab a Pass" to access news stories and other resources in this publication.

ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer
Use this database to view summaries of tax returns from tax-exempt organizations and see financial details such as their executive compensation, revenue, and expenses. This site allows users to access IRS form 990s for tax-exempt organizations, including many hospitals in the United States.

Other Websites

Alverno College Institutional Review Board
The Alverno College Institutional Review Board (IRB) is part of Alverno's Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). The IRB holds autonomous decision making authority when reviewing human subject research studies under the jurisdiction of Alverno College. The primary responsibility of the Alverno College IRB is to review proposed and continuing research for the purpose of protecting human subjects who are participants in research.

Charity Navigator

Founded in 2001, Charity Navigator evaluates charities based on their financial health and accountability and transparency. To access reports for individual charities, use the search box on the site's homepage or browse an A-Z list of charities.

National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)
Originally established in 1986 as the National Center for Nursing Research, the NINR supports and conducts clinical and basic research and research training on health and illness across the lifespan. The Institute's research focus encompasses health promotion and disease prevention, quality of life, health disparities, and end-of-life.

Office of End-of-Life and Palliative Care Research (OEPCR)
The OEPCR (at the National Institute of Nursing Research) coordinates and supports ongoing research efforts in end-of-life and palliative care.

Palliative Care Research Cooperative Group (PCRC)
The Palliative Care Research Cooperative Group was established to develop scientifically-based methods that lead to meaningful evidence for improving quality of life of patients with advanced and/or potentially life-limiting illnesses, and their caregivers including family members and providers of care.

World Health Organization (WHO)

This comprehensive site provides detailed information on many aspects of health care for countries worldwide. It provides information on disease outbreaks, health statistics, traveler’s health, and more. Also includes access to many WHO publications, including the respected World Health Report.

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