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Best Websites: History

General History

Africa Focus
Created by the libraries of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this site contains multimedia materials on African history and culture. Representing 45 nations, it offers digital reproductions of more than 3,000 slides, 500 photographs, 50 hours of audio recordings, and a handful of primary and secondary texts.

Bridging World History
This is the companion site to the DVD series, Bridging World History. It supplements the themes and content found on the DVD disks. The Alverno College library owns the DVD collection, and the call number for the item is 909 B851.

Cold War International History Project
Part of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC, this site gathers, archives, and produces materials related to the Cold War from both Eastern and Western perspectives, including biographies, pamphlets, conference proceedings, legal documents, and other primary source materials. Of special interest is the Digital Archive, which makes available a multitude of translated primary source documents.

Digital Egypt for Universities
Coverage ranges from ancient times to the present. The primary aim of the website is support for learning across different disciplines. The site discusses subjects that include a historical dimension - architecture, art, medicine, science, religion, literature, gender studies, cultural studies and museum studies.

Hosted and maintained by the History department of Ohio State University, this site contains historical reference materials from the following periods: Ancient, Middle Ages, United States Civil War, World War II, Vietnam War, Middle East and world history. Special features include multi-media sections, primary source materials and book reviews.

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)
This site is an international project to develop and distribute digital data on historical and archaeological resources. It is managed by the International and Area Studies department at the University of California-Berkeley. Useful as a tool for visualizing and analyzing historical and cultural phenomena, it has a special module on the damage done to Iraqi antiquities during the Iraq War of 2003.

Encyclopaedia of British History: 1500-1980
Topics are arranged both chronologically and by category. Articles are available on traditional topics ("Conservatism," "Liberalism," "The Chartist Movement," "The Trade Union Movement," "Scotland, 1750-1950," "Wales, 1400-1980," "Child Labour: 1750-1900") and some less expected ones ("Black People in Britain," "Cartoonists & Illustrators," "The Theatre," "Spies and Spymasters"). An extremely useful resource for students of British history.

EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History
This site features a wiki format and is hosted by Brigham Young University. It includes links to primary historical documents. Historical periods include medieval, renaissance and modern Europe. Geographical coverage includes very small western European countries like Monaco to larger countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and France.

Eurostat is a statistical unit of the EU providing access to publications, tables, graphs, maps, self-defined extractions, an alert system, and thousands of multidimensional databases. This site is free and requires no registration, but registered users can access enhanced functions (e.g., a bulk download facility and a customizable data navigation tree). The home page also contains a link to a valuable Country Profiles section, which permits many options for searching and viewing data by country and topic.

Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources
From the Library of Congress, this site is an excellent starting point for both beginning and experienced researchers. The site is a gateway to a growing number of online collections, materials and repositories representing different cultures from around the world.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
This site focuses on online texts, which, for the most part, means public domain texts translated more than 75 years ago. The Ancient History Sourcebook also includes links to visual and aural material, since art and archeology are far more important for the periods in question than for later history. The emphasis remains on access to primary source texts for educational purposes.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834
The Old Bailey Proceedings Online makes available a fully searchable, digitized collection of all surviving editions of the Old Bailey Proceedings (court cases) from 1674 to 1834. It allows access to 100,000 trials, free of charge for non-commercial use.

The Middle East 1916-2001: A Documentary Record
This Web site is part of the Yale Law School's Avalon Project, an extensive historical and legal document collection. The site is arranged well, with each document accessible from the home page and listed by its year of issuance. The resources examine the Middle East through government documents, transcripts of government leaders' speeches, and UN resolutions. Because graphics have been kept at a minimum, downloads are quick and dependable.

The National Archives: Records of the UK government from Doomsday to the present
This site preserves and provides public access to the records of the UK's central government and courts of law. It also maintains current information on nongovernmental records located in the UK and overseas that relate to British history. Of special note is the Exhibitions and Treasures page with its links to online exhibitions that use primary sources such as photographs, documents, and film. Although the site's primary focus is British, plenty of material is available on topics in US history that relate to the UK.

A Roma Journey
A Roma Journey "provides a unique opportunity to uncover Romani culture in the Balkans and beyond." The Web page uses cooliris plug-in technology to access manuscripts, books, images, postcards, and pamphlets. Exhibition curator Dragoljub Ackovic also has a page on the site listing his credentials and highlighting materials from his personal collections. For anyone interested in the study of the Romani culture, this page provides swift, simple access to a number of outstanding documents.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database (Voyages)
This database contains materials on ships, crews, slaves, and places of embarkation and landing. It lists the names of ships, captains, number of crew and slaves, place where slaves were taken and landed, where they were sold, and if anything unusual happened during the voyage. It can be searched by just about any variable imaginable, including the number of crew deaths and the outcome of the voyage. The site provides links to other relevant sites and lesson plans for secondary school teachers.

WWW Virtual Library's History Index
Created in 1993 and maintained by a large crew of volunteers, this site includes links to a vast number of history sites covering topics from Architecture to Women, countries and regions from Africa to Yugoslavia and eras and epochs from prehistory to Modern.

WWW Virtual Library Women's History
The main purposes of this site are to list women's history institutions and organizations, locate archival and library collections, and provide links to Internet resources on women's history.

WomanStats Project
Through the efforts of research assistants and professors at several US universities, the WomanStats Project (WSP) seeks to examine the relationship between the circumstances of women and the stability of particular nations. WSP compiles information about women's issues from sources such as governmental agencies, scholarly articles, books, news reports, and interviews. To search the WSP database, users must create a free account and choose from selected variables based on the codes and acronyms provided.

Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
This Web site is arranged around reports, task force documents, papers, and conference presentations dealing with topics including global trade reform, climate change, peace and security, health, foreign policy and economic governance. The primary publication and most valuable resource is YaleGlobal Online, which provides the latest information on globalization issues.

Updated 7/25/17