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Best Websites: Language & Literature


Ethnologue: Languages of the World
Describes over 6,700 living languages. Covers population, dialects, immigrant languages, bilingualism, ecological setting, and availability of the Bible. Search by country, language family or language name for demographic and linguistic information.

Catalog of language related Internet sites. Subject and categorical listings include Languages & Literature, Schools & Institutions, Linguistics Resources, Dictionaries and Language Lessons.

Language Dictionaries and Translators
Foreign language dictionaries, multilanguage dictionaries, translation services, online language classes, and more.

Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs, and Body Language Cues
Items in this Dictionary have been researched by anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, linguists, psychiatrists, psychologists, semioticians, and others who have studied human communication from a scientific point of view.

The Purdue University Writing Lab's ESL-Related Resources
Offers links for both teachers and students. Teacher resources include online journals and lists of other online resources. Student resources include online handouts and courses.

A Web of On-line Grammars
Links to online grammar resources in "as many languages as can be found on the Web." Each grammar or language lesson is linked to additional resources, including dictionaries. Additional links include Online Dictionaries, Multilingual Dictionaries, Foreign Language Dictionaries, Language Identifiers and Guessers, Thesauri and Other Vocabulary Aids, and Specialty Dictionaries.

​Free online language lessons. Requires a free login to get started and track progress.