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Best Websites: Latin American Studies



The Cost of Conflict: Anglo-Belize/Guatemala Territorial Issue
Master's thesis by Janine Sylvestre examines historical relations between the two nations, as well as their current cultures and forms of governments, and suggests courses for the future.

Belize (British Honduras) - Guatemala Border
US Department of State International Boundary Study. Gives background of the dispute, relevant treaties, and details of boundary segments.


Brazil Facts 
Including geography, people, government, economy, communication.

Global Exchange - Brazil 
Focuses on human rights work in Brazil. The site includes a directory of women's organizations.

Chile Country Briefings - Chile
The Economist Newspaper’s online site,, includes a Country Briefing section. This site covers information about many aspects of Chile’s business and economic environment. > Chile
Information for anyone wanting to do business in Chile.

US Embassy > Chile
Includes a 2013 Chile Commercial Guide and other information.


Center for International Policy Colombia Project 
A primary site for information on Colombia. Contains information, news, analysis and events listings. Draws from both English and Spanish sources touching such vital topics as U.S. policy, peace negotiations, human rights, and fumigation.


Paraguay Consular Quick Facts
U.S. Department of State. Informational sections include country description, entry and exit requirements, safety and security measures, medical facilities and insurance and custom regulations.

Paraguayan Office of Tourism
Site from the Secretary of Tourism, Paraguay.

Background Notes on Paraguay
U.S. Department of State. Includes information on history, government, foreign and United States relations.

Paraguayan Music
Music and musician biographies.


Peru - A Country Studies
From the Library of Congress. A virtual library including a search engine. Also provides links to other countries. 
Extensive overall information, including quality pictures, tourism and travel tips, facts about people, geography and culture.

Peru – Background Notes 
Official site from the US Government, providing information and updates related to travel, public affairs, regional issues and news.

The Living Edens: Manu, Peru's Hidden Rain Forest
Supplements information in PBS program, including flora, fauna, history, links and classroom resources. The Manu Biosphere Reserve lies in the Peruvian Amazon.