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Best Websites: Religion

World Religions


Compendium of Muslim Texts
This site covers the Qur'an and the hadith literature (narratives about the life of the Prophet Muhammad), and includes search engines that provide a full search of these texts. The site reflects a conservative Sunni tradition and does not include Shi'a texts.

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources
This is the best website for the study of Islam. The main page has links to sixteen different sections that comprehensively cover all aspects of Islam.

Islam and Human Rights
This site deals with issues of Islam and social justice. It contains links to scholars and projects on Islamic law, women and Islam, Islam and democracy, and so on.

Islamic Art From the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art contains one of the finest collections of Islamic art in the United States. The site surveys four time periods (early, early medieval, late medieval, and late) and includes images that illustrate the beauty present in the Muslim world.


Virtual Religion Index
This free resource guide to the major religious traditions of the world has a section on Hinduism, referred to on this site as Hindu Studies, that covers seven major areas--(1) General Resources, (2) Vedas, (3) Upanishards, (4) Theology and Devotion, (6) Schools and Teachers, and (7) Yoga.

University of Wyoming Religious Studies Department
This site is organized thematically (e.g. cosmos, social organization, texts), and it contains a useful timeline, maps, and an alphabetically organized glossary.

Huntington Photographic Archive of Ohio State University
This site is an on-line exhibition rich in striking images depicting lived Hinduism, and it includes a brief but excellent commentary that contextualizes these images.

Vasudha Narayanan, Professor of Religion, University of Florida
This site tells the story of Hinduism exclusively through the use of images. It is divided into four sections--(1) A Hundred Autumns to Live, (2) Hindu Temples in Cambodia, (3) The Life of Hinduism, and (4) Hindu Temples in America.


Buddhist Digital Library & Museum
This site operated by the Center for Buddhist Studies at the National Taiwan University contains a wealth of material including an extensive article database and links to various canonical texts. The site is available in both English and Chinese versions.

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
This site provides information about Buddhist technical terms, texts, monasteries, schools, traditions, and persons that appear in Buddhist canonical texts and other relevant sources. It has been compiled by experts in Buddhist studies.

The International Dunhuang Project
This beautifully designed website includes a vast array of useful information and high-quality images of ancient Buddhist manuscripts, paintings, and artifacts discovered at Dunhuang and at other Silk Road sites. Each item is presented in its historical context with the help of maps, photos, and bibliographic data.

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
This site devoted to Tibetan Buddhism contains a searchable bibliography of classical Tibetan literature and a biographical database of Tibetan religious figures accompanied with good-quality images.