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Best Websites: Sociology

International Relations

WWW Virtual Library – International Affairs Resources
This section of the WWW Virtual Library presents over 1800 annotated links that cover a range of international affairs topics or are dedicated to a specific organization, country or region of the world.

INCORE Internet Country Guides
INCORE (Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity) is a web resource that focuses on providing scholarly information on ethnic conflicts in a few selected countries. Each country guide typically includes an annotated list of topical web sites, reports, news sources, maps and more, often from familiar sources such as CIA World Factbook, Amnesty International, and numerous United Nations web sites. Conflict management/peace studies.

Nations of the World
From the Law Library of Congress. Includes global and international resources.

Official Governmental Web Pages by Country
In addition to offering several sites relating to specific countries, this page includes links to the official sites of the United Nations, the European Parliament, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, etc.

Country Studies: Area Handbook Series
Prepared by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, this site contains education, health, political, social and economic information from approximately 85 countries. Users can search for information about a country, compare social and political life, and/or learn about current events affecting specific countries.