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Bus 225 Organizational Leadership: Home

Find library links and search tips to help you find scholarly information about leadership.

Getting Started

To complete your e-portfolio you will need to find 2-3 scholarly articles or books about leadership. 

The boxes below contain helpful links to business databases (to find scholarly articles) and the library catalog (to find books).

Leadership is a broad topic; numerous books and articles have been written about it.  To get more manageable and useful results try the following:

  • Combine 2 or 3 short keywords to describe your topic; be sure to put quotes around phrases and try to give specific examples such as "decision making", "organizational change", "leadership theory", or "servant leadership".
  • Check the menus displayed to the left of search results.  They often display related topics to help you focus results, and they let you select date ranges for search results.
  • To narrow results combine keywords using AND, to broaden results combine keywords using OR.
  • You can contact a librarian for additional search tips.  See the Business Librarian box on the right for contact information.  You can also call the research desk 414 382-6062.

How Do I?

Find Articles and Books

Use the links below to start a search for articles or books on leadership topics.



Recommended Books, Journals, and Encyclopedias

If you are not sure how to refine a search for leadership information, or you aren't getting useful results searching the catalog, you can click on the books below for ideas.  (These books are available for checkout in the library.)

**Once you've clicked on a book you can find more like it by clicking one of the blue subject links below the book details.

If you need to pick or narrow a topic, or aren't getting useful results in a database search, you can browse issues and articles in the business journals listed below to get ideas.

For each journal you can either use the menu of dates to browse recent issues for topics of interest, or you can use a search box to do a keyword search of the journal.  You can try topics such as "organizational change", "decision making", "executive ability", "management style", or "interpersonal communication". 

If you find an article of interest that is not full text, you can request a free copy.  E-mail for assistance.

The library subscribes to a collection of digital business encyclopedias and dictionaries.  The links below take you to encyclopedia articles that contain overviews, examples, history, and theories related to leadership.

You can also do a keyword search of these encyclopedias for other topics by finding the search box near the top of the page.

Recommended Websites

If you need additional information about leadership, you can browse these high-quality websites for ideas.