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Business Databases: Scholarly Articles

Guide contains links to business databases and search tips.

Searching Business Source

If you need scholarly business articles, Business Source is the best place to start.  Although Business Source retrieves a lot of scholarly articles, it also retrieves other items that aren't considered scholarly:

Types of Information
This is a scholarly or peer-reviewed source. 
This source is a magazine.  It is written for a non-expert reader and doesn't go into lots of detail.  It is not considered scholarly.
This source is a newspaper.  Articles are short and written for a general audience.
This source is a report (swot analysis or industry overview).  Reports are not considered scholarly.


The tutorials below show you strategies to find only scholarly articles (or academic journals) in Business Source.  The first tutorial shows you how to do a search and retrieve only scholarly articles.  The second shows you what to do if you've already done a search and want to weed out the non scholarly results.


Finding Scholarly Articles in Business Source

You can do a search of Business Source and limit your search to retrieve only scholarly articles.  View the tutorial below to see how.

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