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Best Websites: Statistics

Find demographic and statistical information for Wisconsin, the United States, and the world.

International Statistics

The World Factbook
The World Fact Book is produced by the CIA. Use the drop down menu on the right to select a country of interest. You will get an overview that includes demographics, economy, transportation, and more.

Population Reference Bureau
Find national and international reports and statistics on demographic topics including reproduction, education, immigration, labor, and more.

Country Meters: World Population
You can search this website to find demographic information by country.

Nation Master: Categories
Find international statistics by topic. Topics include education, crime, economics, and culture.

Pew Research Center: Global Attitudes and Trends
Find reports and statistics about various countries and global issues.

UN Data
This site gathers statistics from 24 separate databases from the United Nations and makes them all accessible through one search interface. Some of the topics covered include crime, food, health, refugees, industry, and education.

Browse topic and country menus to find a wide array of statistics.  Topics covered include health, water, poverty, education, nutrition, and more.

Human Rights Watch: Reports
Browse reports about international human rights topics.

Updated 12/13/17.