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Communication LibGuide: Creative Commons A/V


Click image for the full infographic!

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Creative Commons: Free Photos for Bloggers by (CC BY-SA)

Additional museums, galleries, and organizations with digitized collections under Creative Commons:

Finding images on Google Images

  1. Go to Google Images & enter your search terms
  2. On the results page, click the "Tools" option in the menu bar
  3. On the menu that opens up, click "Usage Rights"
  4. Select the option that's best for your use: Creative Commons Licenses or Commercial & other licenses.
  5. Remember: You still have to cite these images ("Google" should not be who you list as the photographer or URL)! Click the thumbnail to go to the website that hosts this image so you can gather your citation data.

Finding images using Creative Commons Image Search

  1. Go to the  Creative Commons Image Search.
  2. Enter a search keyword.
  3. Use the limits on the left side of the screen to narrow your results. Tip: if you are looking for clip art select the Illustrations check box in the Image Type section
  4. Click on an image thumbnail to get the license information explaining how to use the image.

Finding images on the Wikimedia Commons

  1. Go to the Wikimedia Commons & enter your search terms
  2. Click on the thumbnail of the image you want to use
  3.  Click the "More Details" button for specifics on how you can use this image, its citation data, and high quality downloads 

Finding images on the Flickr Creative Commons

  1. Log in or create an account - this has a huge impact on the results you get
  2. Go to the Flickr Creative Commons main page for a great explanation of the different types of CC licenses
  3. Enter your search terms in the box at the top
  4. In the results page you can click the Any license dropdown menu to filter the results
  5. Click the image you want for information on how you can download, use, and cite it.
  6. Remember: you still have to cite these images! ("Flickr" should not be who you list as the photographer!)

Try these sites for free stock photos. If you are unsure about using a photo from these sites please check with your instructor.

The format for citing images like clip art depends on whether attribution (giving credit to the creator) is required.

This link summarizes how to cite images in APA 7:


When citing artwork from galleries and museum web sites use these guidelines:


Did you know it's copyright infringement to use a licensed song in your YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook video? Not only that, but different social media platforms are getting better about recognizing copyrighted audio material in the videos its users upload. If you're lucky, they'll just remove the video, but the consequences could be worse.

Put your mind at ease and try these creative commons audio resources (remember: you still have to cite the artist!):

As a general guideline, use this format* for audio citations:

Artist, A. A. (Year). Title of song [Song]. On Title of album. Label. (Original work published Year).

Artist, A. A. (Year). Title of album [Album]. Label. (Original work published Year).

*These examples are from Santa Fe College's APA (7th edition) Citation Guide


These sites are excellent resources when trying to find video clips to include in a class or presentation. Remember - you still have to cite them!

Format for a YouTube (or similar platform) video:
Consult the reference examples on the APA Style Blog for citing YouTube videos and YouTube video channels:

Motion Picture:

Consult the reference examples on the APA Style Blog for citing movies, films, and television:

Citing in APA

NoodleTools helps create accurate citations, reference lists, and annotated bibliographies. For best results, use it in conjugation with the APA manual or the APA Style website.

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Need more resources? Visit the library's Citing Sources LibGuide.

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