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Finding Company Information: Home

Find links to databases, catalogs, and websites to help you find company information.


The Alverno College library has lots of information on individual companies.  To get SWOT reports, 10k reports, news, trends, and learn about competitors, try a database search.  (See the Recommended Databases box below.)  **It is easiest to get information on larger, publicly held companies.  If you are searching for a small or private company, you will generally find a lot less information.

Try the Recommended websites box as a more reliable and manageable alternative to Google.  You can often find information using these websites that may not show up in a simple Google search.

Finally, the library has some books on companies and their histories.  Use the Finding Books box to search for books and get tips on searching.

If you would like further assistance finding company information, you can e-mail  You can also call the library research desk (414 382-6062) for assistance.

Recommended Websites

Recommended Business Databases

You can search these databases using company names or Ticker Symbols to find SWOT analyses, news, reports, and trade journals for each. 

*If you are researching a privately held company, there will be less information available.  The Mergent database covers some private companies.

Finding Books

The library has a limited number of books with company histories.  The bigger and better-known a company is (like Apple or Starbucks), the more likely it is that the library will have a book about it. 

You can use the links below to find out if the library has books on the company you are interested in.  The first link, TOPCAT, will search for print books in the Alverno College Library and also the other SWITCH libraries.  (You can place a hold to request any books in SWITCH libraries.)  The second link will do a search of the library's electronic book collection.

To find books you can search by company or CEO name.  (It is good to add business or corporation to the search to assure more relevant results.)  To broaden your search you can also try the following keywords:  "business enterprises", "chief executive officers", entrepreneurship and "case studies", and "small business". 

**Be sure to check the table of contents and index sections of a book to see if the company you are interested in is listed.




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