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Alverno Covid Archives Project

Documenting Your Experience during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Color photo of Rieman Plaza


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to record and preserve the personal experiences of the
Alverno community during the coronavirus outbreak. While official College responses
to this unprecedented event are being recorded and preserved in the College Archives
under college records management policies, there are no provisions to ensure the inclusion
of our students, faculty, staff, and alums experiences and reactions in the permanent archives.
You can help by participating in this project.

We are interested in understanding how students, faculty, staff, and alums have been experiencing
this historic moment in human history. In order to do that, we are asking for submissions
of journals, letters, self assessments, poetry, visual art, artifacts or other materials
that reflect your experiences.

Specifically, we hope to collect reflections or works that represent:


  • Significant changes, continuities and experiences with teaching and learning

    • Descriptions of shifts to distance learning

    • Descriptions of returning to face-to-face teaching and learning on campus if you are doing so

    • Experiences with Zoom and other teaching tools

    • Reflections of how the abilities were learned and/or demonstrated in online courses
      or through this event

    • How this event impacted the student-faculty or student-student relationship 

    • Reflections on communications from faculty, students, the college

    • How has social distancing impacted your learning - how has learning from
      home impacted your experience

    • How has social distancing impacted your teaching - how has teaching from home impacted your experience



  • Impacts on the Alverno community

    • Reflections or examples of the ways you and your friends and classmates stay in
      touch during social distancing

    • Experiences with housing such as a student who had to quickly leave campus or who
      might have stayed in the dorms longer

    • Experiences with housing in a socially distanced manner after returning to campus

    • Descriptions of how students have stayed connected with student organizations
      and departments

    • Accounts of the feelings and responses to abrupt endings to internships,
      campus jobs, athletics competitions, graduations, cultural ceremonies, and other
      events that have been transformed or canceled due to social distancing

    • Accounts of a return to the above activities in a socially distanced way



  • Impacts and experiences and hopes of individuals

    • Reflections on how you celebrated holidays and special occasions while
      social distancing

    • Work experiences of those who are deemed essential workers, for example those
      working in our early learning center, in caring professions, or working at grocery stores

      What does essential mean to you? Who is essential? What are you learning about what is essential?

    • The impact of these events on parents and children

    • Reflections on your experience of your citizenship and rights - such as those who
      might have voted in the historic April 7th election, voted in the August 11th election or who might
      have participated in Black Lives Matter and other social justice protests, and other activities

    • What is it you want to remember about this time? What have you learned?

    • After this pandemic ends, do you think things will return to the way they were? What kinds of
      changes would you like to see?  How might you contribute to rebuilding the world? What might
      you do differently?


Methods: The College Archives can work with you to accept almost any type of response to these events.
Typical formats might be submissions of journals, letters, poetry, art, essays and digital images.
Sound recordings and other media are also acceptable, but should be discussed in advance.
For any additional questions on formats, materials, or other technical issues, please reach out to
Sara Shutkin, Alverno College archivist. You can contact the archives at
Submissions do not have to be perfectly finished works; they can be drafts or incomplete.
What is important is that they capture something of your experience of this event.


Directions for submissions: 

Please use this Google Form to submit your items. It will allow for you to sign a
virtual deed of gift and provides important information about the copyright and
use of your content.

You will receive confirmation that your submission has been made. Thank you!

Questions may be directed to Sara Shutkin, Alverno College Archivist, at


Finally, we know that the pandemic has affected our community emotionally, physically, spiritually,
mentally, and financially. Please visit the Alverno College Coronavirus(COVID) Resource
page for up-to-date information and for how students may seek counseling services at this time
as well as resources on how to manage COVID-19 related stress and anxiety.



Below is a link to a printable PDF copy of this information.




Thank you to Katie Howell of J. Murrey Atkins Library, University of North Carolina Charlotte for allowing us to use text and ideas from the UNCC “Contribute Your Stories of the COVID-19 Outbreak” website.

Thank you to Seton Hall University and their "Together Again: Personal Narratives of COVID-19" project.