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Earth Day 2016

Did you see a great display at the Earth Day fair and forget to grab a flyer or write down the information you wanted to remember? You're in luck! This guide has links and information on the various displays that were set up. Check back for updates!

The Benefits of Public Transportation

Why should I take the bus? Don't responsible & successful people drive cars?

  • It's better for the earth (less fuel use, less pollution)
  • It's better for everyone's health (better air quality, less asthma, more exercise)
  • It's better for the community (less isolation, more connections with different kinds of people)
  • It's better for the economy (less health care costs, more people getting to school and jobs, more gas+car-repair money saved that you can use on other things)

By taking the bus, you are choosing to proactively take responsibility for yourself, for others, and for the earth. Even if it takes longer, you can use the time to nap, meditate, read, study, and build community.

Check out these reports that detail the state of public transportation & why we should all be more conscientious of how we get around.

Local Options & Other Tools

Did you know Alverno has a bike share program?

All Alverno students are invited to sign out a bicycle from Austin Hall. Use them for fun or for transportation.You'd be amazed how far you can get with a bicycle. And our bike share is currently free.

Milwaukee is on a push to achieve Bicycle-Friendly City Gold status. If you want to help Alverno to be a part of this, please contact and Our new president, Sr. Andrea Lee, loves bicycling and bicycled all the way from Detroit to the Twin Cities. Together we can do great things!

There are many many people on campus who would love to support you in any aspect of bicycling, from beginner-level on up. Get connected and help us build an even stronger bicycling community at Alverno.

Other Great Options

Bublr Bikes is a city-wide bike share program. You pick a bike up at one station and are free to drop it off at any other station when you're done. Go to their website to check out prices, download the app, and find a station near you.
Get your M Card today and start saving money on your bus rides! The M Card is easy and convenient to use and you can purchase it online or at one of their many locations across the county. You can still pay cash to ride, but by the time you take 2 round-trips, it's much cheaper to have an M Card. You also get a free 90-minute transfer, so you can do a whole grocery shopping trip there and back on one fare. Visit their website for more information.
People For Bikes sponsors the annual National Bike Challenge where people all across the country log their miles in a friendly competition for the top spot. The challenge starts in May and it just so happens that Alverno has a team! Join us and make this year's challenge a good one!
The Bella Donnas are a women's cycling group that meets up for weekly rides. All skill and fitness levels are welcome and the group never leaves a rider behind. Learn more at their website.
The Wisconsin Bike Fed is a statewide cycling advocacy organization. Check them out for free resources, event schedules, current news, and more. The Bike Fed is a fantastic site and home to a vibrant cycling community.
BicycleUniverse has a savings calculator that makes it easy to see how much you could save by choosing a bike over a car.
YouCanBikeThere has a lot of cycling related resources, including this easy to use calculator. Just plug in the miles biked and a few other factors to see how many calories you burned, how much money you saved, and how many pounds of toxic emissions you DIDN'T release into the air by not driving a car. has a few handy calculators that make it easy to see what the most environmentally friendly transportation option is for you.