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Earth Day 2016

Did you see a great display at the Earth Day fair and forget to grab a flyer or write down the information you wanted to remember? You're in luck! This guide has links and information on the various displays that were set up. Check back for updates!

Vegetarian & Vegan Resources

Click through for links to the various resources that were on our handouts (and check back for future updates). If you want to download the flyers we had at our table, scroll down to the thumbnails at the bottom of the page.

Have a resource you think belongs on this guide? Maybe your favorite blog or website? Tell us about it!

Documentaries (*=on Netflix of free online, Google it!)

  •     Blackfish*
  •     Cowspiracy*
  •     Earthlings*
  •     Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead*
  •     Food, INC*
  •     Food Matters*
  •     The Food Revoluion
  •     Forks Over Knives*
  •     The Future of Food*
  •     The Ghosts in Our Machine*
  •     Hungry for Change*
  •     Ingredients
  •     Live and Let Live
  •     Meat the Truth*
  •     Meet your Meat*
  •     Peaceable Kingdom
  •     Simply Raw*
  •     Speciesism
  •     Supersize Me*
  •     Unity
  •     Vegucated*

YouTube videos & channels

Alverno & SWITCH Libraries

The SWITCH libraries have a TON of info on vegetarianism and veganism. Cookbooks, policy & ethics, general guides...there's enough here to keep you busy for a long time. Try these searches to get you started:

Have title recommendations? Send purchase requests to Cat Jones.

Other Libraries

Remember we can always get you materials through InterLibrary Loan (ILL) for free. First check TOPCAT for the item you want. If it's not available through SWITCH, submit an ILL request here.

Also remember to check with the public library. It can be a great way to test out cookbooks before you commit to buying one. Search the MPL catalog here.

Labels To Look For

Look for these labels on food, cosmetics, household products and more.

No logo? Don't despair!

Lots of foods and products are "accidentally vegan", meaning they didn't set out to be vegan, but it just turns out that they are. When in doubt:

  • Check the ingredient list
  • Google the product, Google the company
  • Download the app "Is It Vegan?" and scan the barcode (it's free!)

Upcoming Events

Recurring Event:
Monthly Vegan Potluck at the Urban Ecology Center

Find more information on MeetUp:

RSVP through the Urban Ecology Center:

5th Annual Milwaukee Veg Expo
March, 2020

The expo has not yet set a date for 2020, but keep an eye on their website for this year's updates!

(click the thumbnail to go to their website)


You can find all of the information from our handouts above but if you liked our flyers you can download them here. Right click any of the thumbnails and select "open image in new tab". This will open the full-sized image so you can download it.

Wondering About a Vegan Diet?

(click for full image from PETA)