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Evidence Based Practice Tutorial

Step 6: Publish

  • The final step in any research process is sharing your research with the wider community. As a student, you'll usually only submit your writing to an instructor for a class, but there are cases you might want to consider submitting your work for publication to a journal or Alverno's digital holdings.
  • If you're an Alverno graduate student, consider submitting your thesis or dissertation to Alverno's digital holdings with unrestricted access. A copy will then be made accessible on our servers to future Alverno users and will become part of the scholarly conversation on your topic.
  • When you follow an EBP process in your future career, you'll likely be asked to write reports or other documents sharing your findings with administrators, bosses, or the community. This writing may or may not be in a formal publication format, but still counts as sharing the results of your research with others, and that's publication in this case.

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