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College Research and Writing Tutorial

Getting Started with Research

How to use this tutorial

Each page of this tutorial includes interactive objects that will help you learn how to better perform different parts of the research process. Feel free to skip around between pages and activities that are most relevant to you!

  • The Topics page contains a mindmapping activity that guides you through choosing a topic, narrowing that topic down through research, and discovering more possible topics within that topic that you could look into further.
  • The Searching page contains information about algorithms, how to get started with searching for information about your topic, and how to manipulate the algorithm to see the results you want instead of the results the algorithm chooses.
  • The Perspectives page contains an interactive workbook that will guide you through how to critically consider the voices you're representing in your research, how to find different voices (especially marginalized voices,) and how to determine what constitutes "expertise."
  • The Evaluating page contains questions you might ask yourself about the author, audience, purpose, and medium of any given source to determine the relevancy of that source to your own writing based on yourself as author, your audience, your purpose, and your chosen medium.
  • The How to Cite in APA 7 guide contains examples of how to cite over 20 different types of resources, as well as information about avoiding plagiarism, citing in-text, and using citation management tools.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this tutorial will begin to learn to:

  1. Select sources based on critical evaluation
    • Abilities: Communication and Valuing
  2. Use information to accomplish a purpose
    • Abilities: Communication, Analysis, and Problem Solving
  3. Understand the importance of cultural context to issues of authority, marginalization, and access
    • Abilities: Effective Citizenship, Developing a Global Perspective, and Social Interaction
  4. Cultivate an open-minded attitude of inquiry and self-reflection
    • Abilities: Effective Citizenship, Social Interaction, and Communication


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