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Who Was Robert Pitman?

Who Was Robert Pitman? Why was Alverno's Theater named for him? "My years at Alverno have been the most exciting, most creative, most stimulating years of my life. I have done what I presume I was meant to do..." Exhibit Logo


When Pitman became director of Theatre Alverno in 1963, he transformed that theatre in ways that could not have been anticipated. Under his direction a level of performance, a depth of production, and a range of plays occurred which neither Alverno nor Milwaukee had yet seen on a college stage. Theatre Alverno became a sheer delight because of its professionalism.

Pitman also left his mark on the academic life of Alverno through his careful "direction" of the Faculty Senate from formation to operation. and his careful reading of Alverno's stage of institutional development, at the time he became dean, led him to "direct" that office with a skill that brought it, too, to a new level of performance.

No matter what he did or touched, new life emerged through his superb craftsmanship. His passionate belief that the human person fully alive is especially the mission of education sponsored under Catholic auspices infused his academic direction.

A continuing high standard of performance in the further embodiment of that belief is Pitman's legacy and challenge to us.

--Sister Joel Read from the booklet, Remembering Robert Pitman  found in the Winter/Spring 1979 issue of Alverno Today