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How to Cite in APA 7


Zotero is a free Citation Management Tool available to anyone who wants to use it. It functions similarly to NoodleTools, with the exception that citations you create in Zotero will remain in your account after you are no longer an Alverno student.


What is NoodleTools?

  • NoodleTools is a Citation Management Tool that Alverno College Library subscribes to. Students can make a free account and use it to automatically create citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago style. The citations created in NoodleTools are generally very accurate, but should always be double-checked with this guide, the APA manual, or another resource because automatically generated citations do sometimes contain errors.
  • Note: Once you graduate, you will lose access to your NoodleTools account. If you would like to save citations outside of Alverno that you can keep forever, choose a free citation management tool like Zotero instead.

How to Register

  1. Go to the NoodleTools Sign In page.
  2. Click Register
  3. Complete the form to create your free account.

If you get a notice that you need to revalidate your account, try again and make sure you're using the link listed above so that NoodleTools recognizes you're an Alverno student.