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Reaching Out in New Ways: Highlights from the History of Alverno's Research Center on Women

The RCW was established in April 1970.


The RCW was established to "provide the setting and impetus for women to seriously examine their own status, to identify and understand the many historic and contemporary forces which have determined that status and then create the desire and devise the strategies by which women with assurance and self-respect, will lead the way toward the requisite social changes."


The brief article below about the opening of the Research Center on Women appeared on page 4 of the June 1970 issue of 
Alverno Today.

This is the masthead head from the June 1970 issue of Alverno Today. it is green, black and white.


This is an article from the June 1970 issue of "Alverno Today" about the establishment of the RCW. it was found on page 4.

Here is a printable PDF copy of that June 1970 Alverno Today article.

Sister Austin Doherty and Barbara Mulligan were the RCW's first co-directors.


This is a black and white photo of Sister Austin Doherty taken in about 1970.

Sister Austin Doherty

This is a Milwaukee Sentinel photo of Barbar Mulligan taken in 1971.

Barbara Mulligan  (Milwaukee Sentinel Photo)

Printed on goldenrod paper, this is the cover of the first RCW brochure.

This is the first brochure describing the RCW.

This is a photo of the contents of the first RCW brochure.

Here is a link to a printable PDF copy of that first RCW brochure.

Early projects of the RCW included Women in Public Life (research and conference), Spiritual and Religious Experience of Women, and an Oral and Visual History of Suffragists in the Midwest.