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Reaching Out in New Ways: Highlights from the History of Alverno's Research Center on Women

In order to continue the study of the education of women, two lecture series were held in the spring of 1972. The first occurred February 29 - March 1 and the second took place April 17-18.

Sponsored by the S & H Foundation, the first lecture series offered in conjunction with the Social Science Department, featured Claire and Laura Nader. The Nader sisters spoke on education and women's roles in society. The second series was sponsored with the English Department and featured Elizabeth Janeway, noted author and expert on sex stereotyping in literature and man-woman relations. Both series were open to the public.


This article describing the upcoming visit to Alverno College by the Nader Sisters was in the Spring 1972 (volume 4, issue 1) issue of Alverno Today on page 1.

This article from the spring 1972 issue of "alverno today" describes the upcoming two-day visit of the Nader  sisters on February 29 and March 1, 1972. They held a public dialogue and discussion on "the contribution of education to women's roles in society." Included with the article are black and white photos of the two sisters.

Here is a link to a printable PDF copy of the Alverno Today article.

Here is the seminar schedule.

This is the schedule of events for the two-dasy seminar. It began with an evening lecture by Claire and Laura Nader on the first day followed by dialog and group discussion sessions the next day.


Below is the program for the two-day seminar.

This first section of the seminar program includes an overview of the program and room locations for the discussions.


This secons section of the program inludes suggested questions for discussion.


Below is a link to a printable PDF copy of the complete program for the Nader Sisters visit to Alverno including the schedule.

After the Nader sisters' seminar, academic departments at Alverno issued a statement of "Philosophy of Education of Women" in April 1972.

After the Nader sisters presented their seminar at Alverno in late February and early March, Elizabeth Janeway, author of the book, Man's World, Woman's Place, was the second lecturer in the series made possible under a grant from the S& H foundation of New York. She came in April 1972. Her presentation was titled  "Social Myth and Sex Roles--Implications for Communication and Education."


This article from the Spring 1972 issue of Alverno Today (Volume 4, Number 1, p.1) describes her then upcoming visit.

This article from the spring 1972 issue of "Alverno Today" describes the upcoming visit to Alverno of Elizabeth Janeway. The two-day event consisted of a free public evening lecture and an in-depth seminar the following day focusing on  liberal education's encounter with society in the exploration of women's roles.


Here is a link to a printable PDF copy of the Alverno Today article about Elizabeth Janeway's visit.

Here is the program for Elizabeth Janeway's seminar.

This is the program for the Elizabeth Janeway seminar held April 17-18, 1972.

Below is a link to a printable PDF copy of the program.

Below is a link to a printable PDF copy of the session descriptions and discussion questions for the seven workshops held on the second day of the Elizabeth Janeway seminar. Workshops included: "Social Myth and Media," "Social Myth and Children's Books," "Social Myth and Career Aspirations," "Social Myth and Social Life," "Social Myth and Religion," "Social Myth: Affecting Change," and "Social Myth: Values Worth Saving." Also included are the Interdepartmental Exchange Session questions.