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Reaching Out in New Ways: Highlights from the History of Alverno's Research Center on Women


Reaching Out in New Ways: Highlights from the History of alverno's Research Center on Women

The Research Center on Women (RCW) was established in 1970 through the work of Sister Austin Doherty (1927-2015), then Chair of the Psychology Department; Barbara Mulligan, Director of the Continuing Education Division; and Victoria Hinshaw, Political Science Instructor. It was created "in the hope of contributing empirical and historical data to the study of women." The RCW began its functioning conceptually as three centers--a resource center on women, a research center about women and an outreach center for women. In 2009 it was re-conceived with a broader mission in a new space in Clare Hall as the Research Center for Women and Girls (RCWG). Its 50th anniversary is being celebrated in 2020.

Logo for Research Center on Women 50th Anniversary