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Alverno Then & Now

Alphonsa Hall--Exterior Changes

Alphonsa Hall completed in 1956, was named to honor Mother M. Alfons Schmid, co-foundress of the School Sisters of Saint Francis.


Here is an architect's rendering of the building.

Alphonsa Hall architect's drawing


This photo was taken shortly after the building opened.

Alphonsa Hall exterior circa 1956


Alphonsa Hall of today is directly connected to Alexia Hall with greatly expanded parking. In this photo Alphonsa Hall is on the far right, Alexia Hall is in the middle and Christopher Hall is on the far left.

Southeast view of Christopher, Alexia and Alphonsa Halls all connected

Lampe Recital Hall

Here are some early pictures of Lampe Recital Hall, formerly known as Alphonsa Recital Hall from the 1960's and 1970's.


The Song Set Musical group performing on the Alphonsa stage in 1966.

Songset performing in 1966


An Alphonsa Recital Hall view from the 1970's.

Lampe Recital Hall in the 1970's



Sister Laura Lampe’s contributions to Alverno College’s fine arts program and the fine arts community at large were immeasurable. To honor her legacy, the Alphonsa Hall Recital Hall was renamed the Lampe Recital Hall.


Here are some recent photos of Lampe Recital Hall taken in Fall 2018.

Lampe Recital Hall Fall 2018


Lampe Recital Hall Fall 2018