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Alverno Then & Now

Classrooms, Meeting Rooms & Offices...

The 4th Floor of Founders Hall started out as a convent for the sisters who taught and worked at Alverno. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of that, but there are pictures of when it was partially demolished to create the Kellogg Center  with a grant from the Kellogg Foundation in 1976.

Founders Hall 4th Floor renovation in the mid 1970's.


Here is the hallway, made out of part of that renovated space, as it looked in 1976 shortly after opening. Robert Pitman is shown in this photo.

Founders Hall 4th Floor Hallway as it looked in 1976 with Robert Pitman



The hallway and lobby area is now used as a gallery space where photographs are frequently exhibited.

Kellogg Lobby as it looks today


This is a photo of Kellogg A (FO 460) as it looked shortly after opening in 1977.

Kellogg A in 1977



Here's how it looks today.

Kellogg A (FO 460) today