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Alverno Then & Now

Alverno college Library

The look of the Alverno College Library has changed over the years.


The Library's entrance has moved up and down the hall and its look has changed too.

Here it is in 1955.

.Library entrance in 1955


Here is the entrance in 1993 when it was called the Library Media Center.

Library entrance in 1993


It looks very different today.

Alverno College Library entrance



The Reading Room

Here is an aerial shot of the Reading Room as it looked in the early 1970's.

Aerial view of the Library Reading Room from the early 1970's


Here is that same view today.

Library Reading Room aerial view from 2018



Library Computer Classroom (FO 245)

In the 1950's this space was a speech classroom.

1950's Speech Classroom


Later the Library's Fine Arts Lab or FAL occupied this space. It was home to art slides, music scores, vinyl records and audiovisual equipment.

Fine Arts Lab black & white photo


Today it is a well-used computer classroom and lab.

Library Computer Classroom (FO 245)

Chapel of Mary Immaculate

This is how the chapel looked when it was dedicated in April 1954.

Chapel of Mary Immaculate dedication is April 1954


The chapel was remodeled to conform with new liturgical regulations after Vatican II as described in this May 18, 1965  Alverno Campus News article. The article did not use the correct name for the Chapel; it is the Chapel of Mary Immaculate.

May 18, 1965 Alverno Campus News article about Chapel rennovation.


Here is the chapel as it looks today.

The Chapel of Mary Immaculate how it looks today.

President's Office

The President's office was a rather spartan, austere space back in the 1950's.

President's Office back in 1954.


Today the President's Office is spacious and welcoming.

Some Former 2nd Floor Occupants

Two other offices formerly found on the 2nd Floor of Founders Hall were the Registrar's Office and the Business Office. Both offices moved to the first floor after the 2014-2015 Promise and Power renovation project.


The Registrar's Office was located where Advancement can be found today. This is a view from 1954.

Registrar's Office in 1954


Here's how it looked in 1979.

Registrar's Office from 1979


The Human Resources Office is located where the Business Office once was. This photo of it is from 1954.

The Business Office in 1954



The Atrium--Once Outside, is now Inside

You might not have noticed while racing past the Atrium enroute to or from the Sister Joel Read Center that this space used to be outside. Look carefully to see what was formerly an external wall. The Atrium was created when the Read Center was constructed between 1997 and 1999 in order to connect it to Founders Hall on the second floor.

Atrium, view of what used to be an external wall