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Alverno Then & Now

Sister Joel Read Center

The Sister Joel Read Center opened its doors as the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLC) in spring 1999. The center was built with a focus on science and technology. It houses science classrooms, the Computer Center and the Media Hub along with the Bucyrus Conference Center.  On October 6, 2012 the TLC was renamed the Sister Joel Read Center (RC) in honor of Alverno’s longest-serving president, Sister Joel Read (1968-2003.)

The Sister Joel Read Center

Alumnae Hall (RC 102E)

Alumnae Hall is the only space on Alverno's campus that changed its location without moving an inch.

Alumnae Hall was part of the original campus construction and its address was in what's now known as Founders Hall.  Its entrance used to be across from the Commons. In this April 1954 photo taken during the dedication dinner, it was known as the North Dining Room.

1954 dedication dinner in the North Dining Room



The area was refurbished in 1976 as a result of funds raised by the Alverno  Alumnae Association during their annual fund drive. To honor their efforts, the dining room was renamed Alumnae Hall. Here is a 1980's photo of Alumnae Hall.

Guatamalan musicians in Alumnae Hall in 1988



In 1987,  Alumnae Hall was again redecorated through the assistance of Alverno Alumnae fundraising using centennial cloth designed by, Carol Gresko  ’64. This photo which shows the cloth is from  2001.

Alumnae Hall in 2001


Alumnae Hall was renovated again in 2015 as part of the Promise and Power campaign. Its doors now open within the Sister Joel Read Center.

Alumnae Hall entrance in the Read Center


Here is an interior view of Alumnae Hall as it appeared in Fall 2018.

Interior view of Alumnae Hall in Fall 2018


The Computer Center

The Computer Center used to be located on the third floor of Founders Hall. This photo was taken in 1984.

Old Computer Center in 1984


Since the spring of 1999 the Computer Center has been located on the first floor of the Read Center. This photo is from fall 2018.

The Computer Center as it appeared in Fall 2018

The Media Hub

The Media Hub also used to be found on the third floor of Founders Hall at the north end. This is how the reception area appeared in 1976. It was known as the Center for Instructional Communication (CIC) back then.

Old Media Hub reception area in 1976



The Media Hub moved to the Read Center in spring 1999. Here are a couple of photos of the Media Hub taken in spring 2019.

Media Hub reception area in spring 2019


Interior photo of the Media Hub from spring 2019

Second Floor Science Classrooms

Prior to 1999, the science classrooms were also located on the third floor of Founders Hall. This photo was taken in 1954.

Sister Mary in a science lab in 1954


Now bright, shiny science classrooms can be found on the second floor of the Read Center. These photos were taken in fall 2018.

A Read Center Science classroom in fall 2018


Read Center Science Classromm from fall 2018