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Alverno Then & Now

Christopher Hall--Entrances & Exits

The Alverno College Nursing Education Building opened in September 1967. It was renamed Christopher Hall in 2006 as a tribute to Sister M. Christopher McGuire for her contributions to the development of the early nursing program at Alverno. As part of the Promise and Power campus improvement project, areas within Christopher Hall were renovated during the spring and summer of 2015.

One of the most noticeable changes that occurred with the Promise and Power project was the construction of Alexia Hall which was directly connected to Christopher Hall removing the external east entrance on the second floor and creating an entrance where none existed previously on the first floor.


Here is the east side of Christopher Hall as it looked shortly after opening in 1967.

Christopher Hall shortly after it opened in 1967


A close-up of the East entrance with its stairway.

Christopher Hall old East Entrance with stairs


The interior of the east entrance to Christopher Hall as it looked in September 1967 when Wehr Hall Auditorium was dedicated. This photo was taken looking down from the upstairs of the Wehr Hall lobby. The lobby is now all on one level.

September 1967 Christopher Hall open house--East Entrance



Here's how the east entrance appeared after the 2006 campus grounds beautification project. The stairs were removed and a sloped entranceway was created to improve accessibility.

Christopher Hall East Entrance after the 2006 campus grounds beautification project




Today Christopher Hall is directly connected to Alexia Hall to its east. There is no external entrance. The photo below shows from left to right: Christopher Hall, Alexia Hall, and Alphonsa Hall.

This is a photo of the eastside of Christopher Hall. In the view one can see how it is directly connected to the westside of Alexia Hall which in turn is directly connected to Alphonsa Hall.



Here is the view when entering the second floor of Christopher Hall from Alexia Hall.

Entering Christopher Hall from Alexia Hall on the second floor



Here is the first floor entrance to Christopher Hall from Alexia Hall.

Entering Christopher Hall from Alexia Hall on the first floor

Nursing Classrooms - The Old Simulation Laboratories

There used to be nursing simulation laboratory classrooms like this one in Christopher Hall. This photo was taken in 1977.

This is a black and white photo taken in 1977 which shows nursing students with a "patient" at bedside.


Now there are five state of the art clinical simulation rooms in Alexia Hall like the one pictured below which help enhance nursing skills, technique, and learning.

This color photo depicts a student nurse at bedside in a simulated maternity ward.


The Old Dance Studio

The Dance Studio used to be located on the first floor of Christopher Hall.

Entrance to the old Dance Studio in Christopher Hall


Old Dance Studio in Christopher Hall



Now the Dance Studio can be found in a bright airy space on the ground floor of Alexia Hall.

New Dance Studio in Alexia Hall