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Alverno Then & Now

Classrooms and...

Back in the 1950's the 3rd Floor of Founders Hall was home to many science labs like this one. The science labs have been in the Read Center since 1999.

A Science Lab in 1954.


Here's one of today's science labs in the Read Center.

Read Center Science Classroom


Back in the 1970's until 1999 when it moved to the Read Center, the Media Hub occupied spaces in the north end of the 3rd Floor including in the hallway. Pictured is the sign-in desk for the old Media Hub then called the Center for Instructional Communication or CIC.

Media Hub reception area in 1976


Here's the modern Media Hub in the Read Center.

A current view of the Media Hub


The Computer Center also occupied what are now  classrooms on the northwest side of Founders Hall 3rd Floor before it too moved to the Read Center in 1999. This photo is from 1984.

Old Computer Lab in 1984


Here's how the Computer Center now located in the Read Center looks today.

Read Center Computer Lab