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Alverno Then & Now

Campus Maps

Alverno's maps are useful for helping to tell the story of campus changes.


In September 1953 Alverno College opened in its current location previous to which it was housed in a wing of the St. Joseph Convent on South Layton Blvd. Although no maps exist from the early 1950's, there is an architect's drawing of the original campus buildings which includes the gymnasium, Pitman Theatre, Founders Hall, and Corona Hall (the first residence hall).

This is an architect's drawing of the originbal Alverno Campus buldings which includes the gymnasium, Pitman Theatre, Founders Hall, and Corona Hall. Not shown in the photo is the Power House which was also part of the original campus construction.



Here is another architect's drawing from 1957 which includes Alphonsa Hall and Clare Hall at either end of campus along with Elizabeth Hall on the far right.  Elizabeth Hall opened in 1954 as the Alverno Campus Elementary School. Alphonsa and Clare Hall were both open by 1957.

This is an architect's drawing of the Alverno Campus from 1957 that includes Alphonsa Hall, Clare Hall, and Elizabeth Hall along with the original campus construction.



The earliest campus map that could be found in the Archives is from 1967. Notice that Austin Hall which opened in 1964 is included along with Christopher Hall (labeled as the "Nursing Classroom Building") which was under construction at that time hence its appearance with hatching lines.

This is a 1967 map of the Alverno Campus which includes Austin Hall and Christopher Hall (while it was still under construction.)



This 1969 Alverno map shows Christopher Hall (item "K") as a full-fledged part of campus.

This is an Alverno campus map that includes Christopher Hall (item "K") as a regular part of campus.



On this map from 1976 the same campus buildings are depicted, but some of the names are a bit different. Austin Hall is labeled using its original name, Loretto Hall for example. The art gallery is also noted.

This is an Alverno campus map from 1976.



This map from 1982 shows places found within buildings (such as advising, the library, and  the chapel) along with the labeled buildings. Note that Corona Hall is no longer depicted as a residence hall, but instead is listed as housing faculty offices and the Child Development Center which was a pre-school run by Alverno Elementary School. The auditorium is labeled as the Robert G. Pitman Theatre having been renamed in his memory in 1978. The existing residence hall is now called the Campus Center. Parking is also shown on this map.

This is a 1982 Alverno campus map. On it Corona Hall is no longer shown as a residence hall and the auditrorium is called the Robert G. Pitman Theatre.



On this map from 1988 even more locations within campus buildings are highlighted.

This is an Alverno campus map from 1988.



By 1990, the Alverno Campus Elementary School became an independent entity and separated from Alverno College leaving behind a building that was renamed, North Hall. It is item 9 on the map.

This is a 1990 Alverno campus map. A major change depicted was the renaming of the Alverno Elementary School Building as North Hall.



Included as number 1 on this map from 1998 is the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (the former name for the Sister Joel Read Center) which was then under construction.

Map from 1998 which includes the Sister Joel Read Center which was then under construction.



This 2004 map includes the completed (in 1999) Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center (now the Sister Joel Read Center) as item number 1 because it is now considered the main entrance to Alverno College. Previously the Chapel Lobby entrance of Founders Hall played that role.

This is a campus map from 2004 that includes the completed Teaching, Learning and Technology Center, now known as the Sister Joel Read Center.n



In 2006 the Alverno Campus received a much needed facelift which is reflected on this map. Additions included Reiman Plaza, the athletic fields--items 2 and 9, and the parking ramp . Several building name changes also occurred and are reflected on the map; notice Christopher Hall (the former Nursing Education Building), Elizabeth Hall (the former North Hall) and Austin Hall (the former Campus Center residence hall).

This is a map from 2006 which reflects all the changes the occurred as a result of the campus facelift including the addition of Reiman Plaza, the parking stucture, and the athletic fields along with several building name changes: Christopher Hall, Elizabeth Hall, and Austin Hall.




In 2012 the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center was renamed in honor of Sister Joel Read. The name change to the Sister Joel Read Center is shown on this map as item number 3.

This 2012 map includes the Sister Joel Read Center which is item number 3


  The Alverno campus map  of 2015 is in color and includes the new Alexia Hall which is item 8.

This 2015 Alverno campus map is in color and includes Alexia Hall.


This very colorful Alverno College campus map is from 2019.

This is an Alverno College  campus map from 2019.