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Alverno Then & Now

FO 148 & The Porch Door

In 1955 the Fioretti Studio could be found where FO 148 sits today. .

Fioretti Studio april 1955


Later the space became the Art & Cultures Gallery.This photo is from 1977 showing a retrospective exhibit of the art of Sister Helena Steffens-meier.

Art Gallery 1977


Today we find the beautiful meeting room, FO 148 here. The Art & Cultures Gallery has moved to a light-filled space on the Ground Floor of Alexia Hall.

View of Hallway leading to FO 148

Business Office

With the rise in non-traditional aged students, the need arose for childcare. In 1970, Alverno began a babysitting service in roughly the same space where the Business Office now sits. Over the years, Babysitting evolved into Childcare and then became the Alverno Early Learning Center which can now be found in Elizabeth Hall.

Sr. Solano Granger with Child in Babysitting Service


Here is the same space today.

Alverno's Business Office today

Admissions Office

Did you know that at one time you could take cooking and sewing classes at Alverno? Back in the 1950's, the Home Economics classrooms could be found approximately where the Admissions Office sits today.

1950's Cooking Class


Some other previous occupants of this space were the Print Shop and the Mail Room.


Nearby there were also nursing classrooms like this one photographed in the early to mid 1950's.

In the early to mid 1950's nursing classrooms like this one pictured in this black and white photo could be found at the north end of Founders Hall on the first floor..


Here's how this same space looks today.

Alverno Admissions Office

LaVerna Commons

The look of the Commons has changed over the years.  Here is a view of "family-style" student dining in the 1950's.

1950's Family-style dining in the Alverno Commons


This is a view of the Commons from the late 1970's.

Alverno Commons dining in the late 1970's


Here 's today's LaVerna Commons.

LaVerna Commons Front View


Here's a view of the back of the room.

LaVerna Commons- back view


Where the Student Affairs Office can be found today was the old "Down and Around Shop" bookstore. Here are some nursing students buying their books at the store in 1988.

1988 Nursing Students Buying Books


Today we have the A-Store where many Alverno logo items can be purchased along with school supplies.

Alverno A-Store