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Alverno Then & Now

Founders Hall 5th Floor?

Yes, Founders Hall has a very small 5th floor. If you look up from the southeast corner of the  Alum Courtyard you will see a tiny section of building above the 4th floor. Today it is full of  wires and antennae and is inaccessible to the public.

Founders Hall 5th Floor


But, back in the 1970's the attic housed something very special, the art studio of  Sister Helena Steffens-meier when she was artist-in-residence!

Sister Helena Steffens-meier working in her campus studio

Founders Hall Exterior

Here is a photo of Founders Hall not long after it opened in 1954.

The front of Founders Hall as it looked in 1954


It looks a bit different today...

The front of Founders Hall in Fall 2018